Pesticides Controls

Section 430:43

    430:43 Inspections; Authority to Enter Premises. –
Notwithstanding any other provisions of this subdivision, the division, or its duly authorized agents has the authority to enter upon any public or private premises at reasonable times for the purpose of determining compliance with this subdivision, rules adopted by the board pursuant to this subdivision or any certificate of registration or permit issued by the division, to:
I. Inspect the property when necessary before issuing a certificate of registration or permit for the application of a pesticide on the property and to observe the surrounding areas;
II. Inspect aircraft and ground equipment used or to be used for the application of pesticides;
III. Inspect crops, animals, or other property actually or reported to be exposed to pesticides;
IV. Inspect any area or building where the division has reason to believe pesticides are stored or disposed of;
V. Inspect and copy any records, information, invoices, or other pertinent documents related to pesticide storage, use and distribution;
VI. Inspect and obtain samples including:
(a) Samples from containers, vehicles or equipment which the division has reason to believe contain pesticides;
(b) Samples of soil, water and other substances which the division has reason to believe were exposed to pesticides;
(c) Samples in conjunction with management plans to protect groundwater from pesticide contamination, including soil, surface waters, monitoring wells, and other wells;
VII. Inspect any area or building where pesticides are being or have been distributed, sold, offered for sale or used;
VIII. Issue orders and seize pesticides as authorized in RSA 430:42.

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