Pesticides Controls

Section 430:34

    430:34 Application for Registration and Permits. –
I. Annual certificates of registration or permits may be issued and fees shall be collected by the division.
II. Applications for registration and permits shall be on a form prescribed by the division and shall include the following:
(a) The full name and address of the person applying for the registration or permit.
(b) If the applicant is an individual, receiver, trustee, firm, partnership, association, corporation, or other organized group of persons whether or not incorporated, the full name of each member of the firm or partnership, or the names of the officers of the association, corporation, or group, and the name of the person or persons charged with the responsibility for the application of pesticides.
(c) The name and address of a person whose domicile is in the state, and who is authorized to receive and accept services of summonses and legal notice of all kinds for the applicant.
(d) The type (ground or air) of any apparatus used by the applicant to apply pesticides.
(e) Any other information prescribed by the division.
III. Each application for initial examination of a commercial or private applicator shall be accompanied by an examination fee of $5 for each category or commodity group in which such examination is requested. When an applicator has been examined by the division and found not qualified, the applicant shall be re-examined at a subsequent date in accordance with rules adopted by the board, provided that each application for re-examination shall be accompanied by a re-examination fee of $5 for each category or commodity group in which re-examination is requested. A separate application and re-examination fee shall be filed by the applicant each time a re-examination is requested.
IV. One member of each crew operating a piece of equipment as a commercial applicator must be registered as required under this subdivision. Any application of pesticides by a commercial applicator or person requiring a permit must be by or under the direct supervision of an individual who has satisfied the examination requirement of RSA 430:33, I or the examination or other competence verification requirement of RSA 430:33, II.
V. Fees collected from applicants for registration as commercial or private applicators under this subdivision constitute a special pesticides control fund which does not lapse but may be used at any time to carry out the provisions of this subdivision.

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