Pesticides Controls

Section 430:30

    430:30 Pesticide Control Board. –
I. A pesticide control board is established to consist of 13 members appointed by the governor with consent of the council, as follows:
(a) The commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food.
(b) The commissioner of the department of health and human services, or designee.
(c) The commissioner of the department of natural and cultural resources, or designee.
(d) The executive director of the department of fish and game, or designee.
(e) The commissioner of the department of environmental services, or designee.
(f) The state entomologist.
(g) A licensed physician representing the public interest.
(h) A person who possesses an advanced degree in one of the biological sciences representing the public interest.
(i) A licensed or permitted pesticide applicator.
(j) One person from a slate of 3 persons presented by the New Hampshire Horticultural Industries Council.
(k) Two persons representing the public interest who are not affiliated with the manufacture or distribution of pesticides and who are neither commercial nor private applicators as defined in this subdivision, and who do not otherwise fall within categories (a) through (j).
(l) One person representing municipal interests, appointed by the governor from 3 candidates nominated by the New Hampshire Municipal Association.
II. The term shall be 3 years except that of the original appointees under (f) through (j), 2 shall serve a 3-year term, 2 shall serve a 2-year term, and 2 shall serve a one-year term.
III. The board shall select its own chairman to serve a term of 3 years. All members shall be New Hampshire residents. The members representing the public interest shall not have any official or contractual relationship with, or receive any significant portion of their income from, any person subject to division permits or enforcement orders. Members shall disclose all potential conflicts of interest, and shall not vote on matters in which they have a direct interest. The board may elect other officers.
IV. The board shall meet 4 times annually, and from time to time at the call of the chairman or upon the request of any 4 members. Seven members shall constitute a quorum.
V. Members are not entitled to compensation for their services but may receive reimbursement for their necessary traveling and other expenses while engaged in actual work of the board, and shall be paid from moneys appropriated for the purpose of this subdivision.

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