Mosquito Control

Section 430:11

    430:11 Duties of Committee. –
I. The committee is authorized to accept and allocate or spend any grants-in-aid for mosquito control purposes which are made available to the state by the federal government.
II. Upon the approval of the committee, funds received by any department or state agency for mosquito control purposes may be utilized to aid local governmental units, other than mosquito control districts, undertaking projects having significant mosquito control benefits. In no case shall the grant of such funds exceed 5 percent of the capital costs of the project, nor 50 percent of the annual operating costs or expenses of the local unit.
III. The department shall act as fiscal agent in contracting for receipt and expenditure of all funds made available to the committee and shall provide all administrative services required to carry out the functions of the committee. The department shall be reimbursed for the cost of service which it provides from funds made available under the provisions of this subdivision.
IV. In no case may the monetary value of the aid provided with state funds to mosquito control districts exceed that provided locally for temporary control measures such as larviciding or adulticiding, nor twice the local funds provided for permanent improvements such as draining, ditching, diking, and impounding.
V. State aid shall not be given to mosquito control districts until the work or project plans for which the grant is being made are submitted to and approved by the committee or its authorized representative, and until proof has been received by the department that local funds are available.

Source. 1985, 72:1, eff. July 1, 1985.