Purchase and Sale of Poultry

Section 428:9

    428:9 License Required. –
I. No person shall engage in the business of buying live poultry in this state, the meat or meat product of which is to be sold or used for food, from the owner thereof, as defined in this section, unless he has a license from the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food. Licenses shall be issued in 2 forms:
(a) An unlimited license to each person who shall furnish a bond with sufficient surety in an amount to be determined by the commissioner of agriculture, but not to exceed $50,000, payable to the state of New Hampshire and conditioned on the faithful performance of all legal obligations incurred in the buying and selling of live poultry, the meat or meat product of which is to be sold or used for food; such bond shall be held by the commissioner to satisfy any court judgment obtained or execution issued against any licensee because of failure to perform such legal obligation; and
(b) A limited license which shall permit the licensee to do business on a United States currency, certified check, cashier's check or traveler's check basis only. Applications for licenses herein provided shall be made in such manner and upon such forms as the commissioner of agriculture shall prescribe.
II. For purposes of this section, "owner" is defined as any person having title to live poultry during the periods of time in which such poultry is being grown to marketable size or being kept for egg production.

Source. 1985, 72:1. 1995, 130:5, eff. July 23, 1995.