Fund Distributions to Agricultural Fairs

Section 425:19-e

    425:19-e Audit of Accounts of Agricultural Fairs. –
I. The commissioner of revenue administration shall annually, at the cost and expense of each agricultural fair receiving a distribution, audit all accounts of fairs receiving money under the provisions of this subdivision, and the report of each such audit, when completed, shall be submitted to the president, treasurer and clerk of each fair so audited. If, in any case, the commissioner cannot guarantee that such an audit will be completed within one year after the end of a fiscal year for which a fair received a distribution, he shall so advise the president or treasurer of the fair, whereupon the respective fair officials may hire a certified public accountant or a public accountant licensed under RSA 309-A, to conduct such an audit within one year after the close of the fair's fiscal year in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and applicable state statutes.
II. Every audit made by the commissioner of revenue administration or an independent public accountant licensed under RSA 309-A shall include a summary of findings and recommendations regarding compliance with applicable statutory provisions of law, and the adequacy of accounting and business procedures pursued by the fair examined. Contracts executed between the agricultural fairs and the independent public accountants shall stipulate that all accounts and funds of the fair are to be audited and a report of the audit is to be prepared in accordance with this section. At the conclusion of the audit, the independent public accountant shall submit a copy of an audit report prepared pursuant to this section directly to the commissioner of agriculture, markets, and food and to the commissioner of revenue administration for review and approval as to format only.

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