Section 227-E:6

    227-E:6 Power and Duties. –
In performing its duties, the commission shall cooperate with the department of environmental services and shall conform its activities with any state comprehensive plan. The commission shall:
I. Assemble and assess a comprehensive inventory of all private and public resources which serve to preserve and protect the visual and ecological integrity of the Connecticut River Valley.
II. Coordinate, with the department of natural and cultural resources, the development of regional promotional programs and other incentive programs for established and future recreational facilities, resources, and services using existing public and private mechanisms.
III. Initiate and encourage interstate cooperation and participation with the state of Vermont for the promotion and protection of the Connecticut River Valley as a recreational and cultural resource.
IV. Cooperate with, and suggest guidelines for, local communities and regional planning commissions to accomplish the purposes of this chapter.
V. Review and evaluate similar river and watershed protection efforts and regional promotion programs.
VI. Investigate, identify, accept and expend additional public and private funds to:
(a) Establish incentives for the expansion of recreational facilities.
(b) Encourage the development of recreational opportunities and provide additional public access to recreational areas in the Connecticut River Valley.
(c) Administer the duties of the commission.
(d) Protect the agricultural, historical and natural resources of the Connecticut River Valley.
VII. Advise federal, state, and local agencies and private organizations on priorities for acquisition and protection of key resource lands in the valley to accomplish the purposes of this chapter.
VIII. Evaluate applications from local communities for funding for the purchase by such communities of development rights, conservation easements, and titles to or other interests in land having important recreational, historical, natural, and cultural qualities. The commission may award grants of up to 50 percent of the cost for such purchases from funds appropriated to the commission for the purchase of such interests in land. The commission shall evaluate the applications in accordance with criteria adopted under RSA 227-E:8, III.

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