Section 227-D:5

    227-D:5 Powers of the Commission. –
The Monadnock advisory commission shall:
I. Guide the department of natural and cultural resources planning efforts to ensure that the growing popularity of Mount Monadnock not be allowed to compromise the integrity of this national natural landmark and its visitors' experiences.
II. Assist the department in the formulation and adoption of a long-range plan to ensure that the recreational and educational benefits of Mount Monadnock, Little Monadnock, and Gap Mountain will be developed so as to assure their perpetual availability.
III. Recommend specific management policies and practices to control use of the resources of Mount Monadnock, Little Monadnock, and Gap Mountain under the jurisdiction of the department.
IV. Assist the department in acquiring lands and rights in land, to ensure a consistent management over these lands and their connecting trail corridors.
V. Meet at least annually, with a quorum of at least 8 members, to conduct any business relevant to the purposes of this chapter.
VI. Meet at least annually with the commissioner of the department of resources and economic development and report annually to the commissioner on its activities in support of this chapter; its recommendations for acquisitions, easements, and landowner agreements; and any threats to the integrity of these lands and to their enjoyment by the public.
VII. Issue an annual report to the member communities.

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