Historical Resources Council

Section 227-C:13

    227-C:13 Establishment of a State Historical Resources Council. – There is hereby established a state historical resources council which shall be the only state historical resources council. The membership of the council shall consist of the governor, or his designee; the director of historical resources, who shall be nonvoting members; and 9 members of the public appointed by the governor and council, at least 3 of whom shall be qualified in the field of architecture, history and archeology; and the others shall be qualified in other fields including, but not limited to, law, real estate, planning, architectural history and historic preservation. The public members shall serve a term of 5 years; however, on the initial appointment, 3 shall be appointed for 2 years, 2 appointed for 3 years, 2 appointed for 4 years, and 2 appointed for 5 years. Each shall serve until his successor is appointed and qualified. Any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term.

Source. 1985, 345:3.