Section 227-G:4

    227-G:4 Rulemaking. –
The commissioner shall adopt rules, under RSA 541-A, relative to:
I. The management of reservations, pursuant to RSA 227-H.
II. Registration of primary wood processing mills, and regulation of mill sites.
III. The cutting of timber near certain waters and public highways, pursuant to RSA 227-J:9.
IV. The preparation and issuance of a standard request form to exceed the cutting limits near certain waters and public highways and the criteria for evaluating such a request pursuant to RSA 227-J:9, V.
V. Imposition of administrative fines pursuant to RSA 227-J:14.
VI. The regulation and permitting of floating timber, pursuant to RSA 485-B.
VII. The definition of buying and selling of forest products in relation to deceptive forestry business practices pursuant to RSA 227-J:15.
VIII. The designation of control areas for forest insect and disease infestations and rights of appeal pursuant to RSA 227-K.
VIII-a. Quarantine measures that may be taken when forest pests are found in any geographic area pursuant to RSA 227-K.
VIII-b. The issuing of orders and permits pursuant to RSA 227-K:15.
IX. The preparation and issuance of burning permits, and the kindling of camp or cooking fires, pursuant to RSA 227-L:17.
X. Emergency rules during high forest fire danger periods.
X-a. The requirements for enhanced penalties pursuant to RSA 227-G:10.
XI. Any other rules specifically authorized under the provisions of this title.

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