Section 227-G:3

    227-G:3 Duties and Authority of the Director of the Division of Forests and Lands. –
I. The director shall:
(a) Execute all matters pertaining to forestry, forest management, and forestlands within the jurisdiction of the state, including cooperation with other state and federal agencies, with the approval of governor and council as required.
(b) Be responsible for the forest management of all reservations and state-owned forestlands except those areas managed for special purposes. The director shall consult with the directors of all agencies responsible for such areas in regard to forest management.
(c) Execute all matters pertaining to the use of state reservations, except matters pertaining to the recreational development, administration, and maintenance, which shall be done in cooperation with the director of the division of parks and recreation, department of natural and cultural resources, with the approval of governor and council as required.
(d) Gather information on the state's forest resources and plan for the multiple use and perpetuation of those resources.
(e) Enforce provisions on timber harvesting in RSA 227-J.
(f) Be responsible for overall forest health monitoring, reporting, and protection.
(g) Be responsible for the overall prevention and control of woodland fires throughout the state except within the boundaries of the White Mountain National Forest.
(h) Administer the funds in RSA 227-G:5.
(i) Prepare biennially a report to the governor on the activities and plans of the division. Such report shall contain an itemized statement of all expenses incurred or authorized by the director or by the commissioner.
(j) Carry out such other duties relating to forests, forest management, and forestlands as may be delegated by the commissioner lying within the jurisdiction of the department.
II. The director may:
(a) Within the limits of appropriations, hire such field and office assistants as, in the judgment of the commissioner, are necessary for the proper execution of the director's duties.
(b) With the consent of the commissioner secure the assistance of experts and pay such experts' expenses, as necessary for the proper execution of their duties.
(c) Upon terms approved by the commissioner, enter into cooperative agreements with departments of the federal government and other public and private agencies and organizations for the promotion of forestry within the state.
(d) Conduct investigations within the state on forestry matters and publish for distribution literature of scientific or general interest pertaining to forestry.
(e) Call training sessions of division employees, representatives of cooperating public and private agencies and organizations, town forestry officials, interested citizens, and others.
(f) With the approval of the commissioner or the commissioner's agents, impose administrative fines as provided in RSA 227-J:14, and RSA 227-L:2, V.
III. All duties and authorities assigned to the director under this title shall be performed under the supervision of the commissioner.

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