Section 171-A:8

    171-A:8 Termination of Service. –
I. The administrator may terminate service to a client at any time that such termination is deemed in the best interest of the client or when the client can function independently without such service or when the client has received optimal benefit from such service.
II. In every instance of termination, the administrator shall refer the client to the area agency which, in turn, shall recommend an appropriate service, or be responsible for contacting the client at regular intervals after termination for as long as deemed necessary.
III. Prior to any termination of service, the administrator shall give 30 days' notice to the client, if over 18 years of age, or to the parent or guardian, if the client is a minor or has been found to be legally incapacitated. Consent of the parent or guardian is required prior to termination if the client is a minor or has been declared legally incapacitated. Service may be terminated sooner than 30 days with the consent of the client, his or her parent or guardian.
IV. The client or, where appropriate, his parent or legal guardian, may seek review of the decision to terminate from the commissioner. The decision of the commissioner shall be final.
V. Notwithstanding this section, the administrator shall not terminate service to a person involuntarily admitted pursuant to RSA 171-B without prior approval of the commissioner, except:
(a) Upon transfer of the person to another receiving facility or to the secure psychiatric unit; or
(b) Upon expiration of the order of commitment.

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