Section 171-A:6

    171-A:6 Entry Into the Service Delivery System. –
I. A person seeking service shall make application in accordance with rules adopted by the commissioner to the area agency in his or her appropriate geographic region as designated by rule pursuant to RSA 171-A:2, I-b.
II. A comprehensive screening evaluation, coordinated by the staff of the area agency, shall determine the scope of the person's disability and the locus and nature of services to be provided and shall include an assistive technology evaluation both as part of the person's initial evaluation and at least on an annual basis thereafter when the person is screened for an assistive technology evaluation. The commissioner shall adopt rules pursuant to RSA 541-A relative to the evaluation. The initial evaluation shall include, but not be limited to, a physical examination and individual intellectual assessment and functional behavior scales and shall take into account the provisions of and services established under RSA 186-A.
III. A recommendation for services by the area agency shall utilize the criterion of the least restrictive environment for the client and shall be made to the service which best meets the needs of the client. Preliminary evaluations shall be completed and preliminary recommendations for services made within 21 days after application for service.
IV. In an emergency situation and in the discretion of the commissioner, temporary service arrangements may be made prior to the completion of the screening evaluation.
V. The commissioner shall adopt rules pursuant to RSA 541-A establishing hearing procedures to determine the appropriateness of a service recommendation which is challenged by the client, his or her attorney or family.

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