Autism Registry

Section 171-A:30

    171-A:30 Autism Registry. –
I. There shall be established a state registry in the department which shall include a record of all reported cases of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that occur in New Hampshire and other information relevant and appropriate to conduct thorough and complete epidemiologic surveys of ASD, to enable analysis of this problem, and to facilitate planning for services to children with ASD and their families. The department may enter into an agreement with an appropriate entity for the management of the registry; provided, that any records and data submitted to the department pursuant to this subdivision shall be the property of the department.
II. Physicians, psychologists, and any other licensed or certified health care provider who is qualified by training to make the diagnosis and who then makes the diagnosis that a child is affected with ASD shall report all new cases of this diagnosis to the department in a form and manner prescribed by the commissioner. The report shall be in writing and shall include the name and address of the person submitting the report and the child's date of birth, gender, and zip code at birth residence, and the specific diagnosis of the child diagnosed as having ASD. The department shall assign a unique identification code to identify the child diagnosed as having ASD. The code shall not include the name or address of the child.
III. All information required to be reported under this subdivision shall be confidential. A physician, psychologist, or health care provider providing information to the department in accordance with this section shall not be deemed to be, or held liable for, divulging confidential information.
IV. Nothing in this section shall be construed to compel a child who has been reported as affected with ASD to submit to medical or health examination or supervision by the department.

Source. 2006, 106:2, eff. Aug. 7, 2006.