Section 171-A:1-a

    171-A:1-a Full Funding of Services Budget; Limits of Waiting Lists. –
I. The department of health and human services and area agencies shall provide services to eligible persons under this chapter and persons eligible for the brain injury program under RSA 137-K in a timely manner. The department and area agencies shall provide funding for services in such a manner that:
(a) For persons in school and already eligible for services from the area agencies, funds shall be allocated to them 90 days prior to their graduating or exiting the school system or earlier so that any new or modified services needed are available and provided upon such school graduation or exit.
(b) For newly found eligible adults, the period between the time of completion of an individual service agreement pursuant to RSA 171-A:12 and the allocation by the department of the funds needed to carry out the services required by the agreement shall not exceed 90 days.
(c) For persons already receiving services who experience significant life changes, such as a significant change in their medical conditions, the period of time for initiation of new services shall not exceed 90 days from the amendment of the individual service agreement except by mutual agreement between the area agency and the person specifying a time limited extension.
(d) Notwithstanding subparagraphs I(a)-(c) of this section, for fiscal years 2008 and 2009, the timelines set forth in each such subparagraph may be exceeded, provided that best efforts shall be made to meet the timelines for children graduating or exiting school and for other individuals the department determines most in need and to minimize delays with respect to others within the limits of available funding and to provide them interim services when the timelines have been exceeded by 60 days for fiscal year 2008 and 30 days for fiscal year 2009.
II. The department of health and human services shall incorporate in its appropriation requests the cost of fully funding services to eligible persons, in accordance with the requirements of paragraph I, and as otherwise required under RSA 171-A, and the legislature shall appropriate sufficient funds to meet such costs and requirements.

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