Child Day Care Licensing

Section 170-E:8

    170-E:8 Issuance. –
I. Licenses shall be issued in such form and manner as prescribed by rules adopted by the commissioner under RSA 541-A and shall be valid for 3 years from the date issued unless revoked or suspended by the department or voluntarily surrendered by the licensee. Licenses shall not be transferable and shall be surrendered in the event of change of ownership.
II. The department may provide dual licensure to operate a child day care agency and a family foster care agency. Such licensure shall be granted only upon application and shall be contingent upon a determination that the standards of both programs have been met without compromising any licensing requirements.
III. The department shall make monitoring visits a minimum of once yearly during each licensing period. At least one such visit during the licensing period shall be unannounced. Clear and comprehensive records shall be maintained by the department on each licensed agency showing the dates and findings of each such visit. Such records shall be made available to the child day care agency. If the child day care agency is found not to be in compliance with the statute or with rules adopted by the commissioner, a corrective action plan shall be submitted to the department. Failure to submit an acceptable plan shall result in license suspension, denial, or revocation.
IV. The department may, in lieu of a license, issue a permit to a newly established facility for child day care for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with this subdivision and the rules adopted under it during actual operation. At the end of the permit period, the department shall renew the permit for good cause, issue a license for the balance of the license period, or deny the license.

Source. 1990, 257:8. 1999, 326:3, eff. Jan. 1, 2000.