Recreation Camp Licensing

Section 170-E:56

    170-E:56 Recreation Camp License; Youth Skill Camp Certification of Criminal Background Check. –
I. No person shall for profit or for charitable purposes operate any recreation camp, as defined in RSA 170-E:55, I, designed or intended as a vacation or recreation resort, without a license issued by the department. Such license shall be conditioned upon the maintenance of clean, healthful sanitary conditions and methods, as determined and approved by said department, good only for the calendar year in which it is issued and subject to suspension or revocation at any time for cause. The fee for such license shall be $200 which shall be paid into the recreation camp and youth skill camp fund established in RSA 170-E:57.
II. (a) No person or entity shall for profit or for charitable purposes operate any youth skill camp, as defined in RSA 170-E:55, II without maintaining an appropriate policy regarding background checks for camp owners, employees and volunteers who may be left alone with any child or children. Certification of background checks shall be made to the department demonstrating that no individual has a criminal conviction for any offense involving:
(1) Causing or threatening direct physical injury to any individual; or
(2) Causing or threatening harm of any nature to any child or children.
(b) Any person or entity required to perform background checks and provide certification to the department pursuant to subparagraph (a) shall pay a fee of $25 to the department. All such fees collected by the department shall be deposited into the recreation camp and youth skill camp fund established in RSA 170-E:57.
(c) Subparagraphs (a) and (b) shall not apply to any person or entity which owns property used to operate a youth skill camp or any buildings or structures on such property used in the operation of a youth skill camp, provided such person or entity obtains written certification signed by the youth skill camp operator stating that background checks in accordance with this paragraph have been completed.
(d) Nothing in this section shall preclude more stringent requirements for background checks on the part of camp owners, directors, or operators.
(e) Such policies shall be made available to the department and shall include the frequency of the background checks and the sources used to conduct the background checks. The department shall provide information on each youth skill camp's policy on the department's website.
(f) If an employee or volunteer has been the subject of a background check performed by another person or entity within 12 months, the previous background check may, with the signed and written consent of the employee or volunteer, be shared with the operator of the youth skill camp and may be used to satisfy the requirements of this paragraph, notwithstanding any other law providing for the confidentiality of such information.

Source. 2019, 346:133, eff. Jan. 1, 2020.