Residential Care and Child-Placing Agency Licensing

Section 170-E:28

    170-E:28 Applications; Compliance With State and Local Codes Required. –
I. Any entity which intends to receive children, or arranges for child care or child placement of one or more children unrelated to the operator, shall apply for a license to operate one or more of the types of facilities for child care. Application for a license to operate a child care agency or institution or a child-placing agency shall be made to the department in the manner and on forms prescribed by rules adopted by the commissioner under RSA 541-A. Such forms shall provide for the birth names, birth dates and addresses of all persons having responsibility for care or placement of children or regular contact with children at the institution or agency. The agency or institution shall obtain approvals in accordance with state and local requirements pertaining to health, safety and zoning as applicable; and, if the department is satisfied that the person, institution, agency, or program conforms to standards prescribed for the type of child care or child placement for which application is made, the department shall issue a license in proper form designating on that license the type of child care or child placement, the name and address of the person or institution, the duration of the license and, except for child-placing agencies, the age range, the gender, and the number of children to be served.
II. Either the state fire marshal or the local fire department shall review compliance of the foster family home with the state fire code. In conducting the review, the state fire marshal or local fire department shall apply the appropriate single family or multi-unit dwelling provisions of the state fire code. A foster family home shall be exempt from local fire regulations and ordinances, provided that the home complies with the requirements of the state fire code.

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