Section 170-C:9

    170-C:9 Social Study Prior to Disposition. –
I. Upon the filing of a petition, the court shall direct that a social study be made by the department of health and human services or by any other authorized agency and that a report in writing of such study be submitted to the court prior to the hearing. The social study shall include the circumstances of the petition, the social history, the present condition of the child and parents, proposed plans for the child, and such other facts as may be pertinent to the parent-child relationship. The purpose of the social study is to aid the court in making disposition of the petition and shall be considered by the court prior thereto. Copies of the social study shall be made available to the parties' attorneys. The contents of said study shall be treated in a confidential manner so as not to injure any party.
II. If the petition is filed by one parent with respect to the other parent, the court may waive or limit the extent of the social study otherwise required by this section. In such cases, the age of the child shall be considered; as well as the alleged grounds for termination of parental rights; the length of time the child has lived with the stepparent, if any; and the wishes of the child, parents, and other persons found by the court to have an appropriate interest in the child.

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