Section 169-D:31

    169-D:31 Data Collection; Reporting Requirement. –
I. The department shall establish a system to collect data related to:
(a) The person or entity who referred the child for services and/or filed the petition.
(b) The racial and ethnic identity of the child.
(c) The insurance status and coverage of child served.
(d) The length of time a child receives services under this chapter, including the time prior and subsequent to the filing of a petition.
(e) The identity of any public or private organization to whom the department has referred a child or family.
(f) Any other information, including outcome data, that may assist the department and the court in evaluating the availability and effectiveness of services for children who receive assistance under this chapter.
(g) The number of cases in which the department determined that voluntary services under RSA 169-D:5-c were not appropriate, and the basis for those decisions.
(h) The type of services offered and/or provided to a child on a voluntary basis and the type of services ordered by the court after adjudication and disposition.
II. The department shall, upon request, make available to members of the public, compilations of the data which do not contain identifying information.
III. Beginning on or before December 30, 2013, the department shall provide quarterly reports regarding cases handled pursuant to this chapter to the chair of the house children and family law committee, the chair of the senate health, education and human services committee, or to the chairs of their successor committees, as well as the chair of the joint fiscal committee. The reports shall include:
(a) The number of cases assessed pursuant to RSA 169-D:5-c.
(b) The number of cases declined for voluntary services and the bases for the declinations.
(c) The number of cases accepted for voluntary services and their ultimate disposition.
(d) The number of petitions filed pursuant to RSA 169-D:5, I, and their dispositions.
(e) The number of voluntary and court-based cases pending in each definition category of RSA 169-D:2, II at the beginning and end of the quarter.
(f) The type and cost of services provided in cases accepted for voluntary services and cases handled through the court, in each definition category of RSA 169-D:2, II.

Source. 2013, 249:13, eff. Sept. 1, 2013.