Section 169-D:18-a

    169-D:18-a Determination of Competence. –
I. At any point during the proceedings, the court may, either on its own motion or that of any of the parties, order the child to submit to a mental health evaluation for the purpose of determining whether the child is competent to have committed the offenses or acts alleged in the petition. The evaluation shall be completed within 60 days of the date of such order and shall be conducted by an agency other than the Philbrook center which is approved by the commissioner of health and human services, or conducted by a psychologist licensed in New Hampshire or a qualified psychiatrist, or by the Philbrook center only upon receiving prior approval for admission of the child for such evaluation by the commissioner of the department of health and human services. The evaluation shall be submitted to the court in writing prior to the hearing on the merits.
II. The court shall inform the child of his right to object to the evaluation; if he does object, he shall do so in writing to the court within 5 days of the court's order for the evaluation. The court shall hold a hearing to consider the objection, and may, for good cause, excuse the child from the evaluation.
III. Whenever such an evaluation has been made previously for consideration at a prior proceeding, it shall be jointly reviewed by the court and the evaluating agency before the case is heard. The evaluator shall keep records of having conducted the evaluation, but no reports or records shall be made available, other than to the court and parties, except upon the written consent of the child or his legal representative, parent or guardian or pursuant to RSA 169-B:35.

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