New Hampshire Employment Program and Family Assistance Program

Section 167:91

    167:91 Interim Activities. –
The following describes interim activities and associated participant requirements:
I. (a) Each participant less than 20 years of age, who is not enrolled in school and who does not have a general education diploma (GED) or a high school diploma (HSD) shall:
(1) Actively pursue an education designed to prepare such person to qualify for a high school equivalency diploma; or
(2) Enroll in school to pursue a high school diploma.
(b) Each participant required to pursue an education under subparagraph I(a) and who is unable to obtain a GED or HSD in a specified period of time may participate in activities intended to enhance basic literacy and work skills.
(c) A participant shall be permitted to volunteer to participate under paragraphs I and II as funding and resources permit.
II. A participant shall be exempt from the requirements of paragraph I if:
(a) The participant is unable to successfully complete educational activities and is willing and able to participate in employment-related activities; or
(b) The participant's involvement in educational activities is inappropriate, based on assessment and the employment goals established in the employment contract, and such goals do not require a high school diploma or equivalent.
III. An individual may participate in interim activities when the activity has been determined to be reasonable and necessary for his or her entrance into or success in the work force. Participation in an interim activity may not count as an approved activity under PRWORA, as amended by the DRA and federal regulations promulgated thereunder. Interim activities include but are not limited to:
(a) Mental health counseling services.
(b) Homelessness services.
(c) Substance abuse services.
(d) Domestic violence services.
(e) DCYF services.
(f) Vocational educational training beyond that countable as an employment-related activity under PRWORA, as amended by DRA.
(g) Post-secondary education and vocational educational training beyond that countable as an employment-related activity under PRWORA, as amended by DRA.
(h) English as a second language services.
(i) Job search and job readiness beyond that which is countable as employment-related under PRWORA, as amended by DRA.
III-a. (a) A person in good standing in a postsecondary educational program or training program at the time of application to the department may continue to attend if the following requirements are met:
(1) The training or postsecondary education emphasizes vocational skills training in a specific occupation.
(2) The participant is making satisfactory progress in the course of study and the training or postsecondary education is reasonable for entry into the workforce.
(b) Self-initiated education shall not be approved beyond the associates degree level unless the participant is completing a bachelors degree program within a limited period of time to be determined by the department by rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A.
(c) Participants in self-initiated training or postsecondary education may be assigned additional activities in order to meet a required number of participation hours.
(d) The applicant is considered appropriate for the training or postsecondary education based on the assessment described in RSA 167:85, IV(h) or (i).
IV. The department shall be the payor of last resort for all expenses involved in any training and postsecondary educational activity, and participants shall be required to apply for any other available assistance, prior to receiving financial assistance from the department. Financial assistance for training and educational programs shall have monetary limits established by the department by rules adopted by the commissioner pursuant to RSA 541-A.
V. The duration of services under this section shall be determined by the commissioner by rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A as necessary to promote the purpose and goals of this subdivision.

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