Liability for Support, and Recovery Over

Section 165:31

    165:31 Work Program Requirements for Assisted Persons. –
I. The overseer of public welfare may require any person who is receiving support under this chapter and who is physically able to work, to participate in the municipality's work program as a condition of continued eligibility for assistance. The overseer of public welfare of the town or city may require the person receiving aid to work for the town or city at any job which it has available that is within the capacity of the person receiving support. Such persons shall receive aid in return for such required work at a rate of exchange equivalent to the prevailing wage for the kind of work they are required to perform in the community from which they receive support, as determined by the municipality's pay schedules prevailing at the time of application for assistance. The amount an assisted person may be required to reimburse the town or city for aid received shall be reduced by the credits received from participation in the municipal work program.
II. The overseer of public welfare of the town or city may require the person receiving aid to perform services for a nonprofit organization if that organization has agreed to participate as a municipal work program, and has been approved by the overseer of public welfare, provided the person is credited according to the prevailing wage scale of that institution.
III. In no case shall participation in a work program be required of the following persons as a condition of receiving assistance:
(a) Single parents with children under the age of 5 years; and
(b) Persons with mental or physical disabilities, as determined by the overseer of public welfare.

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