Liability for Support, and Recovery Over

Section 165:19

    165:19 Liability for Support. – The relation of any poor person in the line of father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, son, daughter, husband, or wife shall assist or maintain such person when in need of relief. Said relation shall be deemed able to assist such person if his weekly income is more than sufficient to provide a reasonable subsistence compatible with decency and health. Should a relation refuse to render such aid when requested to do so by a county commissioner, selectman, or overseer of public welfare, such person or persons shall upon complaint of one of these officials be summoned to appear in court. If, after hearing, it is found that the alleged poor person is in need of assistance, and that the relation is able to render such assistance, the court shall enter a decree accordingly and shall fix the amount and character of the assistance which the relation shall furnish. If the relation neglects or refuses to comply with the court order without good cause, as determined by the court at a hearing, or by refusing to work or otherwise voluntarily places himself in a position where he is unable to comply, he shall be deemed to be in contempt of court and shall be imprisoned not more than 90 nor fewer than 60 days. If a poor person has no relation of sufficient ability, the town or city in which he resides shall be liable for his support.

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