Section 162-S:2

    162-S:2 Definitions. –
Unless the context otherwise clearly requires, in this chapter:
I. "Authority" or "national finance authority" means the business finance authority acting pursuant to this chapter and operating under the name "national finance authority."
II. "Business finance authority" means the New Hampshire business finance authority created pursuant to RSA 162-A.
III. "Bond" means any bond, note, or other obligation evidencing indebtedness issued or entered into or acquired or incurred by the authority under this chapter, including any certificate of participation or lease or lease-purchase, installment sale, or other financing agreement, and any refunding bond or other indebtedness with respect to a bond or any other evidence of indebtedness issued by the authority or another party.
IV. "Designated member" means the executive director of the business finance authority and the 4 members of the board of directors of the authority appointed pursuant to RSA 162-S:3, II.
V. "Executive board" means the executive board of the national finance authority, whose designated members collectively shall have and carry out the powers conferred on the business finance authority in this chapter.
VI. "Participating institution" means any project owner, co-owner, operator, sponsor, or other party which, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, undertakes the financing and construction or acquisition of a project or undertakes the refunding or refinancing of bonds relating to a project as provided in and permitted by this chapter.
VII. "Project" means any capital improvement, purchase of receivables, property, assets, commodities, bonds, or other revenue streams or related assets, working capital program or liability or other insurance program, located outside of the state. The term "project" shall include any housing facility located outside the state for students, faculty, or staff affiliated with an educational institution and any housing facility, including without limitation any senior living, assisted living, or nursing home facility, used or operated by or for the benefit of any hospital or health care, senior care, or senior living institution in connection with the carrying out of hospital, health care, senior care, or senior living services and shall include any housing, housing project, or any other facility that may be financed by the New Hampshire housing finance authority under RSA 204-C with the written consent of the New Hampshire housing finance authority's executive director or his or her designee; provided that written consent shall not be required with respect to the financing of any facility that, were such facility located within the state, could have been financed pursuant to the provisions of RSA 162-I as of the effective date of this chapter.
VIII. "Revenue" means all moneys and fees received from participating institutions or any other source with respect to a project or otherwise for services provided by or on behalf of the authority.
IX. "State" means the state of New Hampshire.

Source. 2018, 331:1, eff. June 25, 2018.