Community Development Block Grant Program

Section 162-L:15

    162-L:15 The New Hampshire Community Development Advisory Committee. –
I. There is established the community development advisory committee which shall be provided staff and administrative assistance by the authority.
II. The committee shall consist of 11 voting members as follows:
(a) The chairperson of the board of directors of the community development finance authority, or designee, who shall serve as chairperson of the committee.
(b) The director of the office of planning and development, or designee.
(c) The executive director of the New Hampshire housing finance authority, or designee.
(d) The director of the division of economic development, department of business and economic affairs, or designee.
(e) The executive director of a regional development organization, appointed by the governor.
(f) Six public members, at least 3 of whom shall be municipal officials, who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the governor.
III. The 6 public members shall be paid their actual expenses incurred in performing their duties under this subdivision and shall be paid mileage at the same rate as state employees.
IV. A majority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum.
V. No person who receives a significant portion of his or her income directly or indirectly from the community development activities governed by this subdivision shall be a member of the committee.
VI. The committee shall advise the authority in the development of rules for administering this subdivision and developing criteria for the allocation of funds provided under the federal act.

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