Section 162-I:16

    162-I:16 Construction and Effect of Other Laws. –
I. The powers conferred by this chapter are supplemental and alternative to other powers conferred by law, and this chapter is intended as an independent and comprehensive conferral of powers to accomplish the purposes set forth in RSA 162-I:1.
II. No notice, hearing, proceedings or approval shall be required with respect to any action taken under this chapter except as provided in this chapter. Any hearing required by RSA 162-I:9 or RSA 162-I:9-b shall be informational and shall not be treated as determining the rights, duties, or privileges of any entity or person. Neither the authority nor the governor and council shall be required to conduct adjudicative proceedings under RSA 541-A:31 to 36 in connection with any action taken under this chapter.
III. Purchases and contracts required in connection with a project may be made or let without regard to any provision of law relating to public purchases or contracts.
IV. The provisions of this chapter shall be liberally construed in order to effect its purposes.
V. If any provision of this chapter shall be held invalid in any circumstance, such invalidity shall not affect any other provisions or circumstances.
VI. This chapter shall be construed in all respects so as to meet all constitutional requirements. In carrying out the purposes and provisions of this chapter, all steps shall be taken which are necessary to meet constitutional requirements whether or not such steps are required by statute.

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