Section 162-F:21

    162-F:21 Funding Amount Established; Report; Public Hearing. –
I. Each committee shall hold at least one public hearing to receive information on funding requirements for each fund. The committee shall have the authority to subpoena witnesses and administer oaths and to compel by subpoena duces tecum the production of any accounts, books, contracts, records, documents, memoranda, and papers in order to determine the amount needed for the fund.
II. The amount of the fund shall be sufficient to cover all costs of decommissioning the facility to standards set by any state agency with jurisdiction over decommissioning that are not less stringent than those standards set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
III. Each committee shall rely on all available data and experience in determining the amount of such fund including, but not limited to, information from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; the public utilities commission; the department of energy, the owner or owners of the facility; municipal and regional planning commissions and municipal governing bodies; and relevant construction cost indices. The committee shall publish a transcript of all proceedings during which information was presented or offered into testimony, and a detailed analysis of the facts and figures used in determining the amount of the fund.
IV. Following the committee's deliberation and prior to final hearing, the plan for scheduled payments into the fund and relevant evidence, including the transcripts and analysis published pursuant to RSA 162-F:21, III, shall be available for public review in the clerk's office of the city or town where the facility is located and in the office of the department of energy at least 30 days prior to the one or more public hearings on the committee's proposed plan. At least one hearing shall be held in the city or town where the facility is located. A notice of the time and place of each hearing shall be posted in 2 appropriate public places in the city or town where the facility is located and shall be printed at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation for that city or town and in a newspaper of state-wide circulation 2 weeks prior to each hearing. Testimony presented at the hearings held pursuant to this paragraph shall be taken into consideration by the committee when it formalizes the payment schedule plan. All testimony shall be transcribed and made a permanent record.

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