Protective Services to Adults

Section 161-F:46

    161-F:46 Reports of Adult Abuse; Investigations. –
Any person, including, but not limited to, physicians, other health care professionals, social workers, clergy, and law enforcement officials, suspecting or believing in good faith that any adult who is or who is suspected to be vulnerable, at the time of the incident, has been subjected to abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or exploitation or is, or was living in hazardous conditions shall report or cause a report to be made as follows:
I. An oral report, by telephone or otherwise, shall be made immediately, followed by a written report, if so requested, to the commissioner or his authorized representative. When oral reports are made after working hours of the department, or on weekends or holidays, such reports shall be made to the police department of the appropriate political subdivision, or to the sheriff of the county, in which the alleged abuse, neglect or exploitation occurred. Law enforcement officials receiving reports under this paragraph shall notify the commissioner within 72 hours of receipt of such reports.
II. Within 72 hours following receipt by the commissioner or his authorized representative of such oral reports, an investigation shall be initiated by the commissioner or his authorized representative.
III. Investigations shall not be made if the commissioner or his authorized representative determines that the report is frivolous or without a factual basis.

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