Section 160-C:16

    160-C:16 Emergency Removal From Retail Sale of Permissible Fireworks. –
I. (a) The commissioner may, upon the recommendation of the state fire marshal or the director of state police, at any time and with notice to the permissible fireworks advisory committee, suspend from retail sale or otherwise order the removal from retail sale of any permissible firework item that poses an imminent threat to life and property.
(b) The commissioner shall, within 15 days of action taken pursuant to this paragraph, file a report and request a finding from the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, a determination on the legal status of the permissible consumer firework item being suspended or removed by the commissioner from retail sale.
(c) The commissioner's suspension or removal of any such firework items shall continue in force and effect until such time as a determination can be made and shall not supersede any finding by the Consumer Product Safety Commission pursuant to the commissioner's report and request.
II. Upon notification by the commissioner or designee that a permissible firework is prohibited from being sold, a person licensed to sell permissible fireworks shall remove the item from the public sales area and shall not sell the item to any person.
III. Any person who sells a permissible firework item after being notified by the commissioner or designee that the item is prohibited from being sold shall be guilty of a class B misdemeanor. In addition, the commissioner may revoke the violator's license for a minimum period of 10 consecutive days, but not to exceed 30 days. On the third violation of this section, the commissioner shall revoke the license for the remainder of the licensure term.
IV. Any license holder aggrieved by the action of the commissioner pursuant to this section may appeal pursuant to RSA 541.

Source. 1999, 348:14. 2011, 160:5, eff. June 14, 2011.