Section 155-E:3

    155-E:3 Application for Permit. –
Any owner or owner's designee subject to this chapter shall, prior to excavation of his land, apply to the regulator in each city or town involved for a permit for excavation. If the area subject to this chapter is situated in an unincorporated place application shall be made to the county commissioners. The applicant shall also send a copy of the application to the conservation commission, if any, of the city or town. Such application shall be signed and dated by the applicant and shall contain at least the following information:
I. The name and address of the owner of the land to be excavated, the person who will actually do the excavating and all abutters to the premises on which the excavation is proposed;
II. A sketch and description of the location and boundaries of the proposed excavation, the number of acres to be involved in the project and the municipalities and counties in which the project lies;
III. A sketch and description of the access and visual barriers to public highways to be utilized in the proposed excavation;
IV. The breadth, depth and slope of the proposed excavation and the estimated duration of the project;
V. The elevation of the highest annual average groundwater table within or next to the proposed excavation;
VI. A plan for the reclamation of the area affected by the excavation at least in compliance with RSA 155-E:5 and RSA 155-E:5-a. Such plan shall address the effects of the proposed excavation on soil, surface water and groundwater, vegetation, overburden, topography, and fill material, and may address future land use consistent with the approved master plan, and shall include a timetable for reclamation of fully depleted areas within the excavation site during said project;
VI-a. Specific actions to be taken by the applicant on the excavation site relative to fuel and chemical handling and storage, dust control, traffic, noise control and abatement, and comprehensive site safety of unauthorized persons; and
VII. Such other information or other special investigative studies as the regulator may reasonably deem necessary.

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