Section 155-B:9-a

    155-B:9-a Municipal Lien on Owner's Interest in Property Insurance Proceeds. – If the value of the subject real estate is deemed by the municipality to have insufficient value, based on the current tax assessment, to cover the cost of repairs, razing, or removal, and the owner has no other real property within the state, a municipality may assert a lien on the owner's interest in any real property insurance proceeds that are payable as a result of the damage or destruction of that property owner's real property located in the municipality. The lien shall be for the estimated cost to repair, raze, or remove the damaged structure, whichever of those options is the least expensive, minus the value in the remaining real property based on the current tax assessments. The municipal lien shall be subordinate to any lien holder of record, and to any rights, title, or interest in such real property insurance proceeds in favor of any lender holding a mortgage on such real property and who was named as an additional insured or loss payee, by means of loss payable endorsement or otherwise, on any policy of insurance insuring such real property. The insurer's obligations under this section shall commence upon its receipt of a copy of the order under RSA 155-B:4, and a statement of the estimated lien amount allowed under this section, and shall apply only to insurance proceeds held by the insurer as of that date and due to be paid to the owner. The lien, the estimated cost of which shall be approved by the court, shall be for the purpose of reimbursing the municipality for all costs permitted to be recovered by it under RSA 155-B if the municipality elects to demolish the property. Any unexpended funds from the lien shall be returned to the property owner. The property owner shall, within 72 hours of the receipt of a written request by the municipality, provide the municipality with the names, addresses, agents, and policy numbers of all insurance companies which have provided the property owner with insurance on the property. The lien shall automatically expire if the owner rebuilds or demolishes the real property in the manner required by this chapter and the municipality shall provide a written release of the lien to the insurer and the property owner. The insurer shall distribute all proceeds due to the property owner that exceed the lien amount allowed under this section. The municipality shall release the lien in order to permit payment for repairs, razing, or removal of the building.

Source. 2008, 293:3, eff. June 27, 2008.