Section 155-B:10

    155-B:10 Statement of Monies Received. – The municipality shall keep an accurate account of the expenses incurred in carrying out the order and of all other expenses theretofore incurred in connection with its enforcement, including specifically, but not exclusively, filing fees, service fees, publication fees, appraisers' fees, witness fees, including expert witness fees, and traveling expenses incurred by the municipality from the time the order was originally made, and shall credit thereon the amount, if any, received from the sale of the salvage, or building or structure, and shall report its action under the order, with a statement of monies received and expenses incurred to the court for approval and allowance. Thereupon the court shall examine, correct, if necessary, and allow the expense account, and, if the amount received from the sale of the salvage, or of the building or structure, does not equal or exceed the amount of expenses as allowed, the court shall by its judgment certify the deficiency in the amount so allowed to the municipal clerk for collection. The owner or other party in interest shall pay the same, without penalty added thereon, and in default of payment by December 1, the clerk shall certify the amount of the expense to the collector for entry on the tax lists as a charge against the real estate on which the building is or was situated and the same shall be collected in the same manner as other taxes and the amount so collected shall be paid into the municipal treasury. If the amount received for the sale of the salvage or of the building or structure exceeds the expense incurred by the municipality as allowed by the court, and if there are no delinquent taxes, the court shall direct the payment of the surplus to the owner or the payment of the same into court, as provided in this chapter. If there are delinquent taxes against the property, the court shall direct the payment of the surplus to the municipal treasurer to be applied to such taxes.

Source. 1967, 334:1, eff. Sept. 1, 1967.