Quality Management Program

Section 153-A:34

    153-A:34 Quality Management Program –
I. In this section:
(a) "Quality management program" means a comprehensive, continuous, and organization-wide evaluation and measurement system established in accordance with the rules and definitions adopted by the division of fire standards and training and emergency medical services. The system shall be used to evaluate and monitor the quality and appropriateness of system operation and the care provided to patients in order to identify sentinel events and trends so that corrective action may be taken by the local provider agency.
(b) "Records" means records of interviews, internal review and investigations, and all reports, statements, minutes, memoranda, charts, statistics, and other documentation generated during the activities of a quality management program. "Records" shall not mean original medical records or other records kept relative to any patient in the course of the business of operating as an emergency medical services unit.
II. Records of a quality management program shall be confidential and privileged and shall be protected from direct or indirect means of discovery, subpoena, or admission into evidence in any judicial or administrative proceeding. However, information, documents, or records otherwise available from original sources are not to be construed as immune from discovery or use in any such civil or administrative action merely because they were presented to a quality management program, and any person who supplies information or testifies as part of a quality management program, or who is a member of a quality management program committee, may not be prevented from testifying as to matters within his or her knowledge, but such witness may not be asked about his or her testimony before such program, or opinions formed by him or her, as a result of committee participation. Further, a program's records shall be discoverable in either of the following cases:
(a) A judicial or administrative proceeding brought by the commissioner to revoke or restrict the license or certification of an emergency medical care provider or other person licensed under this chapter; or
(b) A proceeding alleging repetitive malicious action and personal injury brought against an emergency medical care provider or other person licensed under this chapter.
III. No person or entity shall be held liable in any action for damages or other relief arising from their good faith participation in a quality management program, or from the providing of information to a quality management program or in any judicial or administrative proceeding.

Source. 2005, 231:6, eff. Jan. 1, 2006.