Section 153-A:19

    153-A:19 Mutual Aid. –
I. The system of emergency medical services in this state shall include provisions for appropriate system response to incidents beyond the resource capabilities of individual emergency medical service units available on a regular daily basis. Written mutual aid arrangements may be established with neighboring emergency medical services systems to insure integration of care and shall consider the role of nonemergency medical services public safety agencies, their roles, relationships, and responsibilities in standard operation. A written mutual aid arrangement shall specify who shall be responsible for the direction of medical care at the scene. In the absence of a written agreement, while in the performance of their duties extending emergency medical services in a mutual aid situation, emergency medical care providers shall be under the overall direction of the local authority having jurisdiction but subject to medical control, as defined under RSA 153-A:2, XIV, and such providers shall have the immunities and privileges as if performing the same duties within their respective service areas.
II. Any emergency medical service unit may enter into a mutual aid agreement with other emergency medical service units, within or outside the state, for purposes of rendering aid.
III. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit any emergency medical service unit extending such aid from donating equipment and services and assuming the damage or loss to such equipment or personnel. Any mutual aid agreement may authorize the head of the emergency medical service unit to extend such aid, subject to such conditions and restrictions, as may be prescribed in the agreement.
IV. There shall be no liability imposed by law on the emergency medical service unit, on any municipality, or on the personnel of the emergency medical service unit, for failure to respond or to respond reasonably for the purpose of rendering aid under a mutual aid agreement. This immunity is not intended to be exclusive of other immunities existing by statute, or at common law.

Source. 1999, 345:6, eff. July 1, 1999.