Section 153-A:11

    153-A:11 Licensure of Emergency Medical Care Providers. –
I. Except for automated external defibrillation pursuant to RSA 153-A:28-31, a person shall not provide emergency medical services as a paid or volunteer member of a public or private emergency medical services unit in this state, or as a paid or volunteer member of any police or fire department who, as a condition of employment, may be expected to routinely provide emergency medical services in the line of duty, without being licensed by the commissioner.
II. The commissioner shall establish, by rule, levels of individual licensure and application forms for licensure under this section. The commissioner may use the guidelines established by the American College of Surgeons' Board of Regents as a standard or other such standards, except that a felony conviction shall not necessarily disqualify an applicant. The commissioner shall establish a separate licensure category of advanced emergency medical care provider for individuals who are qualified as emergency medical technician intermediates, paramedics, registered nurse emergency medical technicians, and physician assistant emergency medical technicians.
III. Any applicant seeking a license under this section, other than an apprentice license, shall be 18 years of age or older. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit persons under 18 years of age from enrolling in any course necessary for licensing.
IV. Persons seeking the minimum level of licensure shall be required to pass examinations, as set forth in rules adopted by the commissioner.
V. If there is a hardship imposed on any applicant for a license under this section because of unusual circumstances, the applicant may apply to the commissioner for a temporary waiver of the licensing provisions of this section. The commissioner may for good cause waive the licensing provisions for this section.
VI. No license shall be required for students in established training programs leading to licensure as an emergency medical care provider, provided that the student is supervised in accordance with rules adopted under this chapter and the training program is authorized according to rules adopted under this chapter.

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