Section 153-A:10

    153-A:10 Licensure of Emergency Medical Service Units and Emergency Medical Service Vehicles. –
I. A person shall not engage in the business or service of providing emergency medical services or the transportation of patients, upon any public way of the state, unless such person holds a license issued by the commissioner for engaging in such a business or service.
II. A person shall not operate an emergency medical service vehicle on public ways in this state if the vehicle is not licensed as an emergency medical service vehicle by the commissioner in accordance with this chapter.
III. The licensing requirements of this section shall not apply to out-of-state emergency medical service units which provide back-up services to New Hampshire emergency medical service units under written mutual aid agreements. In the event of a mass casualty incident, and if vehicles licensed under this chapter are not sufficient to transport the injured or sick, the vehicle licensing provisions of this chapter shall not apply for the period of the incident.
IV. A license shall become invalid if there is any change of ownership of a licensed emergency medical service vehicle, or of a business or service operating as an emergency medical services unit.
V. No license shall be required under this section for an emergency medical service vehicle, its owners, the driver, or its attendants, if the vehicle is owned by a nonresident and is licensed as an emergency medical service vehicle in another state, and is being operated on the public ways of this state to transport patients who are picked up out of state and brought to treatment centers in this state.
VI. If there is a hardship imposed on any applicant for a license under this section because of an unusual circumstance, the applicant may apply to the commissioner for a temporary waiver of the licensing provisions of this section. The commissioner may for good cause waive the licensing provisions of this section.

Source. 1999, 345:6, eff. July 1, 1999.