Section 141-E:13

    141-E:13 Compliance Monitoring. –
I. For the purposes of assuring compliance with RSA 141-E:7, I and II; 141-E:8, I and II; 141-E:9; 141-E:10; and 141-E:11, or with any rule adopted by the commissioner, an authorized representative of the department may, upon presentation of appropriate credentials and at any reasonable time:
(a) Enter any asbestos abatement worksite and any asbestos disposal site;
(b) Inspect and obtain samples from the workplace and the environment for the purposes of ensuring compliance with this chapter;
(c) Procure and examine licenses issued under RSA 141-E:10 and certificates issued under RSA 141-E:11; or
(d) Request, inspect, and record information, or test results relating to asbestos abatement activity, school asbestos abatement planning activity, or asbestos disposal site activity.
II. If the property owner refuses to consent to the inspection, the commissioner may obtain an administrative inspection warrant under RSA 595-B.
III. Any information, other than asbestos contamination or exposure data, relating to secret processes or methods of manufacture or production obtained in the course of such inspection shall not be disclosed by any representative of the department without permission of the person whose worksite is inspected.

Source. 2000, 275:1. 2005, 249:18, 19, eff. Sept. 12, 2005.