Section 141-C:9

    141-C:9 Investigations; Examinations. –
I. The commissioner or designee may investigate incidents of communicable diseases. Such investigations shall include, but not be limited to, requiring additional information and periodic reports from the reporting official, interviews with reporting officials, their patients, and other persons affected by or having information pertaining to the communicable disease, surveys of such individuals, inspections of buildings and conveyances and their contents, and laboratory analysis of samples collected during the course of such inspections. The commissioner shall adopt such rules as are necessary to carry out investigations with due regard for the rights of person and property. The commissioner may call upon health officers, as authorized by RSA 141-C:5, I, to assist in such investigations.
II. Any person having or suspected of having a communicable disease, any person who is a communicable disease carrier or contact or any person who is suspected of being a communicable disease carrier or contact shall, when requested by the commissioner or designee, submit to a physical examination for the purpose of determining the existence of a communicable disease. Such persons shall submit specimens of body secretions, excretions, body fluids, and discharges for laboratory examinations when so requested by the commissioner or designee.

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