Section 141-C:5

    141-C:5 Duties of Health Officers. –
Health officers shall:
I. Assist the commissioner, when requested to do so, in the establishment and maintenance of isolation and quarantine in their respective cities and towns, and enforce all rules adopted by the commissioner relative to isolation and quarantine.
II. Attend meetings with the commissioner, when requested, for consultation on matters relating to public health, the restriction and prevention of communicable diseases, or the consideration of other important sanitary matters related to preventing or controlling the spread of communicable diseases.
III. After being informed of isolation and quarantine orders issued pursuant to RSA 141-C:12 to persons in their jurisdiction, inform the commissioner if they identify any substantive non-compliance with the order.
IV. In the event of a public health emergency declared pursuant to RSA 4:45, enforce orders issued pursuant to RSA 4:47.

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