Section 141-C:4

    141-C:4 Duties of Commissioner. –
The commissioner shall:
I. Identify communicable diseases to be reported to the department under RSA 141-C:8.
II. Investigate outbreaks of communicable diseases under RSA 141-C:9.
III. Establish, maintain, and suspend isolation and quarantine to prevent the spread of communicable diseases under RSA 141-C:11.
IV. Order persons who pose a threat to the life and health of the public to receive such treatment and care as necessary to eliminate the threat under RSA 141-C:15.
V. Purchase and distribute such pharmaceutical agents as may be deemed necessary to prevent the acquisition and spread of communicable disease under RSA 141-C:17.
VI. Provide laboratory services to support the detection and control of communicable disease under RSA 141-C:19.
VII. Educate the public relative to the cause, prevention and treatment of communicable disease and relative to the provisions of this chapter and its rules regarding reporting, investigations, examinations, treatment and care.
VIII. Regulate, in public places, conveyances, and buildings, the use of a common drinking cup under RSA 141-C:6.
IX. Prohibit, in public places, conveyances, or buildings the use of a common towel.
X. Authorize treatment, under the orders of a licensed physician, as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.

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