Section 141-C:26

    141-C:26 Acute Care Centers. – The commissioner, with the written approval of the governor, may establish, operate, or authorize the operation of temporary acute care centers for the purpose of the delivery of acute medical services to persons who would normally require admission to an acute care hospital, when there is a public health incident as defined in RSA 508:17-a, II(c) and when the acute care hospitals in the area do not have the physical and human resources necessary to meet the demand or anticipated demand for medical care. Any such facility so established or designated shall be exempt from the provisions of RSA 151. The commissioner shall adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, regarding the facility and staffing requirements, screening and admission criteria, payment and reimbursements, clinical standards, recordkeeping, and discharge criteria for acute care centers. In adopting such rules, the commissioner shall take into consideration, to the extent feasible, the rights and responsibilities of patients set forth in RSA 151:21. For purposes of immunity, actions taken pursuant to this section shall be considered an emergency management function under RSA 21-P:41, I.

Source. 2008, 271:5. 2012, 282:7, eff. June 30, 2015.