Section 125-O:5

    125-O:5 Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Conservation and Load Management Incentive. –
I. In order to encourage energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy, and the reductions in local emissions which result, the integrated multi-pollutant strategy shall promote energy efficiency and conservation through conservation and load management programs.
II. Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) may utilize SBC funds equivalent to the unencumbered amount, if any, rolled over from the prior program year for energy efficiency projects at facilities owned and operated by PSNH, provided that the company made a good faith effort in the prior program year to meet the goals approved by the public utilities commission for its core energy efficiency programs, and provided that the SBC funds used by PSNH shall not exceed 2 percent of all SBC funds collected in the prior program year. PSNH may utilize these funds to implement approved core energy efficiency initiatives or measures at PSNH's facilities that are cost effective and which enhance the efficient use of energy at PSNH facilities. Any energy savings resulting from the use of these funds by PSNH at its facilities will not be included in the calculation of PSNH's energy efficiency program goals, any shareholder incentive, or any other incentive program. In any year that PSNH utilizes SBC funds, PSNH shall submit a report to the public utilities commission and the department detailing how these funds were utilized, and will make the report available to interested parties. Any party may request that the public utilities commission schedule a hearing to review these reports and the expenditure by PSNH of rolled over SBC funds at its facilities.
III. [Repealed.]

Source. 2002, 130:2. 2008, 182:10, eff. June 11, 2008.