Mercury Emissions

Section 125-O:17

    125-O:17 Variances. –
The owner may request a variance from the mercury emissions reduction requirements of this subdivision by submitting a written request to the department. The request shall provide sufficient information concerning the conditions or special circumstances on which the variance request is based to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the department that variance from the applicable requirements is necessary.
I. Where an alternative schedule is sought, the owner shall submit a proposed schedule which demonstrates reasonable further progress and contains a date for final compliance as soon as practicable. If the department deems such a delay is reasonable under the cited circumstances, it shall grant the requested variance.
II. Where an alternative reduction requirement is sought, the owner shall submit information to substantiate an energy supply crisis, a major fuel disruption, an unanticipated or unavoidable disruption in the operations of the affected sources, or technological or economic infeasibility. The department, after consultation with the public utilities commission, shall grant or deny the requested variance. If requested by the owner, the department shall provide the owner with an opportunity for a hearing on the request.

Source. 2006, 105:1, eff. June 8, 2006.