Section 106-F:5

    106-F:5 Application for License; Confidentiality. –
All information provided by an applicant for an original or renewal license under this chapter, other than the application date and the mailing address of the applicant, shall be kept confidential, unless such information is requested by a law enforcement agent engaged in the performance of his or her authorized duties. An applicant for any license issued under this chapter shall include the following in his or her application:
I. The name and address of the firm or other legal entity applying for a license, and all partners, officers, and major stockholders. If an individual, the name and address and date and place of birth of the applicant, and the name of the intended business.
II. The name, residence, mailing address, and date and place of birth of the person primarily responsible for managing and conducting the business in this state, who shall meet the requirements of paragraph VII.
III. For an original license, the names of at least 3 unrelated persons to whom inquiry can be made concerning the applicant's character as to integrity and reputation for honesty.
IV. For an original or renewal license, the applicant's record of felony convictions and misdemeanor convictions in this or any other state or nation that have not been pardoned or annulled, information as to whether any prior or similar licenses were ever revoked or suspended in this or any other state, Canadian province, or nation, and disclosure of any claim or lawsuit regarding conduct as a licensee, or any domestic violence protective order.
V. In the case of an applicant for an armed security guard or armed private investigator or armed bail recovery agent license, 2 sets of the applicant's fingerprints taken at state police headquarters, and documentation of meeting the requirements of RSA 106-F:8.
VI. Two photographs of the applicant taken at state police headquarters to be used for a photo license card issued by the commissioner identifying the private investigator, bail recovery agent, or security guard and by whom he or she is employed.
VII. In addition to the requirements of paragraphs I-VI, applicants for private investigator or bail recovery agent licenses shall meet the following qualifications:
(a) Be a resident of the United States.
(b) Be at least 18 years of age.
(c) Have no record of felony convictions of any type or conviction of a misdemeanor associated with theft, honesty, fraud, use or sale of controlled substances, misdemeanor crimes of violence that in the judgment of the commissioner of safety would cast doubt on the applicant's future good behavior, domestic violence, or abuse of any type, or an active domestic violence protective order in New Hampshire or any other jurisdiction in the United States, its possessions, or territories.
(d) Except for employees, possess:
(1) A minimum of 4 years' experience as a full-time law enforcement officer with a federal, state, county, college or university, or municipal police department, director of security or senior officer of a company or corporation, or licensed security service, full-time adjuster, risk manager, or claims investigator for an insurance carrier or adjusting company; or
(2) An associate of science degree or bachelor of science degree in criminal justice or fire service from an accredited college or university, certification from the American Society for Industrial Security as a certified professional investigator, or certification from the National Association of Legal Investigators as a certified legal investigator and employment as a full-time investigator for a private investigative agency for at least 2 years; or
(3) A minimum of 4 years' employment as a full-time investigator for a licensed private investigator or private investigative agency; or
(4) A minimum of 4 years' experience as a full-time firefighter and certification by the International Association of Arson Investigators; or
(5) Certification by the American Society for Industrial Security in security operations, and 2 years, experience providing such services; or
(6) Certification by the American Society for Industrial Security in executive protection, and 2 years, experience providing such services.
(e) Provide verifiable documentation of his or her qualifications at the time of application for a license.

Source. 2019, 324:1, eff. July 1, 2019.