Section 106-F:4

    106-F:4 Exclusions. –
The following are excluded from the provisions of this chapter; provided, however, that nothing in this section shall preclude a person otherwise qualified from licensure under this chapter:
I. Insurance adjusters licensed under RSA 402-B.
II. Consumer reporting agencies and their employees who are engaged solely in the business of assembling or evaluating consumer credit information for a consumer reporting agency as defined in RSA 359-B:3, VI.
III. Police officers or fire investigators of the United States and the state, county, city, or town, while assigned to duty by and performing as officers of their respective law enforcement or fire service agencies.
IV. Any unarmed security employee who is a direct employee of a business which is not a security guard agency and who is employed by that business to secure its premises while so employed, including but not limited to store detective and watchmen.
V. Towing or wrecking companies engaged in the repossession of vehicles.
VI. Firefighters employed by the state or any political subdivision providing fire watch or fire protection services at public events.
VII. Persons engaged solely in collecting or acquiring data for the purpose of motor vehicle or other accident or occurrence reconstruction or scientific analysis.
VIII. Persons engaged in reporting or providing information to an accredited news publication, media, or news outlet.
IX. Persons employed or contracted by a commercial or legal entity to provide, for internal use or dissemination, gross population data or information relating to patterns of general population behavior, criminal or societal activity, or other information that does not include the collection of personally identifiable information, including but not limited to voter preference polls, demographic surveys, or business or academic research.
X. Persons serving subpoenas or summonses for attorneys as provided by statute.
XI. Persons conducting management studies or performance evaluations of municipal, county, or state government agencies or providing recruitment and hiring services for such agencies under contract to governing bodies of those agencies.
XII. Attorneys, and employees of their law firms acting as their agents, exercising legal rights to investigate on behalf of their clients, and persons engaged in computer or digital forensic services, or computer network or system testing.
XIII. A certified public accountant who holds an active permit issued by any state or a public accounting firm registered in any state, and the employees of such certified public accountant or firm.
XIV. The employees of any nationally or state chartered financial institution, as defined in RSA 161-C:2, VI-b, and any company controlled by, or under common control with, or hired by, the financial institution with respect to the investigation of the identity, identifying information, financial condition, and background of customers, employees, or service providers to comply with, or to audit or evaluate its performance under, the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations.
XV. Any persons from other states accompanying national political candidates on visits to the state or persons providing temporary security to entertainers at live performances.

Source. 2019, 324:1, eff. July 1, 2019.