Section 106-B:7

    106-B:7 Rulemaking Power; Employees. –
I. The director may, with the approval of the commissioner of safety, adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, relative to:
(a) The efficient administration of this chapter and reasonable prohibitions on the resale, rental, unauthorized disclosure, abuse, or misuse of criminal record and fingerprinting checks obtained from the division;
(b) Reasonable fees to cover criminal record and fingerprinting checks conducted by the division pursuant to RSA 106-B:14, I, which fees shall be paid by the requesting individual or public or private agency not otherwise prohibited from receiving such criminal record and fingerprinting checks; and
(c) The administration of RSA 169-E:2-a, regarding the operation of the statewide hotline for missing children.
II. Notwithstanding RSA 106-B:10 or any other provision of law to the contrary, the fees collected pursuant to RSA 106-B:7, I(b) shall be credited to a special nonlapsing account by the department of administrative services for the department of safety to cover the expenses of staffing the criminal records section, maintaining and updating the database, and conducting such checks. Such fees shall not be deposited in the general fund. No funds from this account shall be transferred or used to cover any costs of the permits and licensing unit of the division of state police.
III. The director may, within the limits of the appropriation for the division, employ such civilian employees as may be necessary and determine their duties, and provide such resources as may be necessary. The director may require any such employee to give bond.
IV. The director may provide criminal record information in electronic form once the division has the technological capability to do so.

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