Removal of Abandoned Vehicles by State Police

Section 106-B:33

    106-B:33 Confiscated Vehicles; Impoundment. –
A state trooper may impound or confiscate a vehicle towed by a tow business that is on the rotation list in furtherance of law enforcement duties, such as when the vehicle is reported stolen or involved in a crime, is unsafe to be driven, or is to be processed for possible forensic evidence of a crime. In such events:
I. The vehicle may be towed to a location specified by the processing officer to facilitate evidence preservation, collection, or processing, otherwise it shall be securely stored on the premises of the towing service.
II. The towing and storage of the vehicle shall be at the expense of the state police. The wrecker business shall not release the vehicle to anyone unless and until authorized to do so by the trooper who arranged for the hold or a state police officer superior in rank to that trooper, or on an order by the court.
III. The tow business shall not allow anyone except a member of the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction or someone having written permission from the state police to enter, inspect, or touch the vehicle or any parts from the vehicle.
IV. When the vehicle is released, the tow business shall require that the person to whom the vehicle is released display a valid photo driver license or other official government photo identification, and the tow business shall keep a photocopy of such card or document.

Source. 2021, 204:2, Pt. II, Sec. 2, eff. Oct. 9, 2021.