Section 105-D:2-a

    105-D:2-a Statewide Entity to Receive Complaints Alleging Misconduct Regarding Sworn and Elected Law Enforcement Officers; Commission Established. –
I. There is hereby established a commission to develop recommendations for legislation to establish a single, neutral, and independent statewide entity to receive complaints alleging misconduct regarding all sworn and elected law enforcement officers pursuant to recommendation #16 in the final report issued by the New Hampshire commission on law enforcement accountability, community and transparency. The commission shall be composed of the following members:
(a) The attorney general, or designee, who shall be the chairperson of the commission.
(b) One member of the house of representatives, appointed by the speaker of the house.
(c) One member of the senate, appointed by the president of the senate.
(d) The director of the New Hampshire police standards and training council, or designee.
(e) The commissioner of safety, or designee.
(f) Four additional members from the New Hampshire commission on law enforcement accountability, community and transparency established in Executive Order 2020-11, appointed by the attorney general. Two of these members shall be law enforcement members and 2 of these members shall not be law enforcement members.
II. Legislative members of the commission shall receive mileage at the legislative rate when attending to the duties of the commission.
III. The chairperson of the commission shall call the first meeting within 30 days of the effective date of this section. Five members of the commission shall constitute a quorum.
IV. The commission shall submit a report containing its recommendations for legislation to the governor, the speaker of the house of representatives, the president of the senate, and the state library no later than November 1, 2021.

Source. 2021, 91:150, eff. July 1, 2021.