Chapter 93-B

Section 93-B:1

    93-B:1 When Required. –
Officials and employees of all departments and agencies of the state shall be bonded by means of a blanket undertaking or undertakings from any duly authorized corporate surety, such blanket undertaking or undertakings to indemnify against losses through one or both of the following conditions:
I. Through the failure of the officers, clerks and employees covered thereunder faithfully to perform their duties or to account properly for all moneys or property received by virtue of their positions or employment, or
II. Through fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by the officers, clerks and employees covered thereunder.

Source. 1950, 5, part 24:6. RSA 93:1. 1973, 329:1, eff. July 1, 1973.

Section 93-B:1-a

    93-B:1-a Bonds of Court Employees. – All court employees shall be bonded by the state under this chapter. In addition to the losses against which employees are indemnified under RSA 93-B:1, all court employees shall be indemnified for any errors and omissions committed in their capacities as court employees.

Source. 1983, 383:12, eff. Jan. 1, 1984.

Section 93-B:2

    93-B:2 Repealed by 1994, 158:24, II, eff. May 23, 1994. –

Section 93-B:3

    93-B:3 Amount of Coverage. – The department of administrative services, division of procurement and support services shall purchase such blanket bond or bonds as required under this chapter or as otherwise specified by law.

Source. 1973, 329:1. 1994, 158:8, eff. May 23, 1994. 2014, 327:52, eff. Aug. 2, 2014.

Section 93-B:4

    93-B:4 Federal Requirements. – Whenever federal regulations require employees to be bonded in excess of the coverage as stated in RSA 93-B:3, the federal requirement shall apply and federal funds may be used to pay the premium for such coverage.

Source. 1950, 5, part 24:8. RSA 93:3. 1973, 329:1, eff. July 1, 1973.

Section 93-B:5

    93-B:5 Other Statutory Requirements. – All other statutory requirements notwithstanding, the provisions of this chapter shall apply to all state official and employee bonds.

Source. 1973, 329:1, eff. July 1, 1973.